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Three stoners get more than they bargain for when their half baked pot club robbery goes horribly wrong. Quick ends turn into the madcap chase of their lives when Tyrone dispatches the killers for hire known only as "The Four Horseman". A dark comedy giving you Oakland: unfiltered. Nude clown mayhem, backyard brawls, & battle rap shootouts! No one is safe in the chaotic crossfire.
Cash. Crops. Corpses.
They all burn the same, all they need - is a spark.

My first feature film shot in a whirlwind with a whole lot of gutso, moxie and no budget or permits. Starring a core cast of 13 characters with full set action scenes, hundreds of extras and nearly every scene in a different location, the movie was my true film school. Find it on Itunes, Youtube or Amazon. It’s a madcap wild ride through what Oakland used to be, in all its gritty glory.