Every family has their black sheep...he was the one god we never gave grace to. - “The God and the Man


— My great grandfather on my mother's side was L. Ron Hubbard, sci fi author and the creator of the cult of Scientology. My grandfather was L. Ron Hubbard Jr. I grew up in a family that was born on the run from the monster they had created. I first started speaking out against the Church in 2000, which led to an immediate campaign of harassment, stalking and surveillance. I haven’t stopped talking since. The cult of Scientology is far more dangerous than many understand. It’s mutated into a criminal enterprise.
—I was honored to be the host of the first ever anti-Scientology summit in Clearwater, Florida and was a keynote speaker at the first international conference in Dublin, Ireland. I’ve been lucky to meet many of my heroes who’ve paid heavy prices to speak out: Paulette Cooper. Jon Atack. Hana Whitfield, a few of the thousands who’ve risked their lives to expose the truth about Scientology. Too many have been silenced. I continue to work privately with families who’ve been destroyed by the Church. For all of the victims of what my family has created, we owe the world the truth about L. Ron Hubbard, and aim to close the chapter on the damage his disciples continue to do.

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